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Title: The Bohemian Ideals
Fandom: Moulin Rouge
Type (drabble, poem, chaptered, etc.): drabble
Rating: PG
Pairing (if any): Christian/Satine
Summary: The thought process before Christian begins to write, expanded a little.

Beauty. Freedom. Truth. Love. The Bohemian ideals. Christian had all three in one entity, but just like a flicker of light shining through a diamond, it was gone. Satine was his freedom, his truth, his beauty, his love. Everything he believed in was gone. Satine would never again grace the stage and Christian would never again be by her side. How does one pick up the pieces of a broken life? The truth is they don’t. Nothing can ever be the same. He sobbed for days on end, couldn’t forget her… didn’t want to. But through the tears he dragged himself to his typewriter, his only friend. There had to be a way to immortalize his beloved Satine. So he began to write.
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